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Coatings for Metal & Plastic

Finish Solutions for Metal & Plastic

Finish Solutions for Metal & Plastic

Across industries and throughout the value chain, Sherwin-Williams partners with OEMs and leading brands to ensure they have the finishes they need to stand out and exceed their customer’s expectations. With over 145 years of helping finishers protect the most important assets, companies trust Sherwin-Williams with their products and their brands.
Sherwin-Williams offers coatings for metal and plastic substrates across a broad range of industries. Whether cutting-edge electronics, durable construction and agricultural equipment, or the full range of general metal and plastic products, we provide coatings that ensure performance, aesthetic, and application requirements are met.

Because Sherwin-Williams focuses on providing a complete finishing solution, we work with our customers to make sure their coatings and entire finishing process are the best they can be. Through our new Color Lab in Taiwan and our Electronics Lab in China, we are able to offer color and process enhancement benefits as well as customize coatings to our customers’ unique specifications. Our on-site technical service representatives are also available for line-assessments, problem-solving, and training for finishers and applicators of coatings for metal and plastics.

Sherwin-Williams provides coatings for the following industries and products:

    Mobile phone
    Bluetooth products

Heavy Equipment
    Agricultural Euqipment
    Construction Equipment
    Transportation and trailers
    Waste and Refuse Equipment
    Automotive and Truck Components
    Wind Energy Blades and Towers

General Metal Finishing
    Metal Bending
    Metal Forming
    Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning
    Enclosures and housings

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