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Offering aesthetics, ease of production, and personalized support to retailers and manufacturers, Sherwin-Williams provides complete finishing solutions to residential, office, contract, and outdoor furniture markets globally.

Whether you are crafting custom pieces or globally sourcing production, Sherwin-Williams provides comprehensive solutions to furniture manufacturers and retailers. Bringing together the complete offering of technologies, expertise in color and finish design, a dedication to on-site technical service, and a growing global infrastructure to ensure local support worldwide, we are committed to providing you with personalized solutions that help you design, produce, and market your furnishings better.

Providing finishing solutions for manufacturers, designers, retailers, and specifiers around the globe, Sherwin-Williams has a complete line of products used and specified on:

    Residential Furniture
    Contract Furniture
    Office Furniture
    Outdoor Furniture

With the expertise and service capabilities to provide customized products to OEMs, and the supply chain breadth to deliver those products on time, every time, to finishers and suppliers around the globe, many of the leading brands trust their reputations to Sherwin-Williams coatings.

Innovative and Industry-Leading Technologies

Traditional Topcoats and Sealers
Our extensive offering of liquid coating technologies ensures that manufacturers, specifiers, designers, and retailers have the utmost flexibility when making product decisions. From traditional nitrocellulose and conversion varnishes to an industry leading offering of LED- and UV-curable systems, we will customize our full range of finishes to meet any of your production needs or aesthetic requirements.

Environmentally-Preferable Finishing
Helping you both achieve your sustainability goals and meet the wide range of environmental regulations, we support manufacturers and retailers with both product and process solutions. Our extensive offering of environmentally preferable technologies includes waterborne, low and no HAPs systems, low and zero VOC products, and our F3 line of high performance, drop-in products for Formaldehyde Free Finishing.

Color Development
Color and finish aesthetics are critical across the spectrum of the furniture industry, and Sherwin-Williams brings you consistent color solutions regardless of process, substrate, or product. We have a broad offering of wiping and spray stains, dyes, and toners, as well as offer pigmented products and systems in a virtually limitless range of colors with quick turn-around.

Finish and Color Customization
Our stylists at our Global Color and Design Center are second-to-none when it comes to helping you create the perfect aesthetic. From trend consultations and palette assessments, to complete custom finish designs that fit your equipment and process requirements, our experts are there to help you stay current and differentiate yourself from your competition.

Global Brands
Our global wood finishing brands - Sherwin-Williams, Sayerlack and Inchem– enable us to pull from a global technology portfolio when creating your customized product solution, including an industry-leading offering of technologies, including polyurethanes, polyesters, one- and two-component waterborne systems, lacquers and conversion varnishes.

Local Solutions, Global Technology
Focused on providing customized support and service solutions, we use an infrastructure that spans six continents to offer manufacturers, specifiers, designers, and retailers of furnishings comprehensive solutions, when and where they need them.

Complete Service, Support, and Supply Solutions
Whether you are an OEM, specifier, designer, or retailer, a better finish is about more than the coating – which is why we are committed to making sure Sherwin-Williams is your complete, global finishing solution. Combining the expertise of our best-in-class representatives with our commitment to providing on-site technical support, our many efficiency programs, and our range of value-added services like design engineering, custom finish design, and palette development, our focus is solely on helping you design and manufacture your products better.

Your Local Solution

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