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Start with the finish.

With outstanding resistance to scratching and marring, Sherwin-Williams offers a range of waterborne and solvent-based finishing technologies for electronic devices and diagnostic equipment. Meeting the specifications of many original equipment manufacturers, our coatings for metal and plastic combine performance with the exacting aesthetic requirements of the industry.
With colour and finish options guaranteed to stand out in the marketplace, Sherwin-Williams provides coating technologies that both protect and beautify electronics and diagnostic equipment. Designed with excellent resistance to scratching, marring, and chemicals, our finishes for metal and plastic substrates enhance the appearance of computers, business machines, medical and diagnostic equipment, consumer electronics, and hand-held devices. Offering waterborne and solvent-based coating systems, coating technologies from Sherwin-Williams® protect and endure while providing finish consistency, manufacturing efficiency gains and an increase in throughput.
Combining global technology availability with local service, Sherwin-Williams offers a complete finishing solutions to manufacturers of electronics and medical devices.

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