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Heavy Equipment

Heavy Equipment

Focusing on the little things.

For heavy duty applications where the coating is the first and most visible reflection of equipment durability, Sherwin-Williams provides finish and support solutions that OEMs and tier suppliers rely on.

Equipment used in the toughest environments and for the most aggressive end uses require performance and reliability. Across industries and applications, regardless of continent or specification, Sherwin-Williams provides comprehensive finishing solutions that OEMs and tier suppliers can rely on.

The Most Demanding

When you produce and provide equipment for the most demanding and complex industries around the world, you need a coating solution that you can trust to protect and maintain the integrity of your products and brand, and Sherwin-Williams offers a complete line of products used and specified on:
  • Agriculture Equipment
  • Construction and Excavation Equipment
  • Mining Equipment
  • Wind Energy – Blades and Nacelle
  • Automotive and Truck Components
  • Transportation Equipment
  • Refuse and Trash Equipment

With the expertise and service capabilities to provide customized products to OEMs and their suppliers, and the supply chain breadth to deliver those products on time, every time, around the globe, many of the leading global equipment brands trust their reputations to Sherwin-Williams coatings.

Innovative and Industry-Leading Technologies

Liquid  Coatings Our extensive offering of liquid coating technologies ensures OEMs and Tier suppliers have the right products for their application. Including urethanes, alkyds, epoxies, acrylics, and water-based coatings, we customize coatings to meet the exact specifications for performance and color that you and your customers require and expect.

Powder Coatings  Benefit from one of the most extensive offerings of topcoat and primer powder coatings, backed by our extensive distribution infrastructure in Asia and a growing global presence.  We offer Just-in-Time and stock programs across the range of powder technologies, as well as an extensive line of RAL colors in both satin and high gloss sheens.

Coatings for Plastics  Our reputation of offering industry leading coating technologies for plastics and composites has been earned by providing the solutions that OEMs and finishers like you trust most. As you continue to incorporate more non-metal substrates into your products, we’ve continued adding to our extensive line of Polane® products to ensure uniform color, performance, and aesthetics.

Your Local Solution

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