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Distributor Business

Distributor Business

Since 1954, Sayerlack has been providing the most innovative and highest quality finishes for wood. Committed to research, developing new technologies, and expanding production capabilities, Sayerlack has quickly become one of the largest producers of wood coatings in Europe.

1954 Sayerlack founded

1980 Introduced Hydro plus, the first water-based coating for door/window frames and furniture finishing

1990 Sayerlack launched new Linea Blu product line for the consumer market in Italy
  • ISO 14001 certification granted for environmental excellence
  • Introduced Waterborne UV Coatings to Wood Market
2000 Hydro Gold exterior coatings launched with 12 years warranty
  • Launched the patented Wood Stain Plus system
  • HXD scratch-resistant coatings produced
2010 Sherwin-Williams and Sayerlack unify, becoming the global leaders in Industrial Wood Coatings

In 2010, The Sherwin-Williams Company acquired Sayerlack from Arch Chemicals, Inc. The combined excellence and geographic breadth of The Sherwin-Williams Company and Sayerlack creates a global leader of wood finishes.

From Jan. 1st, 2013 the two legal entities Sayerlack S.r.l. and SWIC have become a single company: Sherwin-Williams Italy S.r.l.

  • Waterborne coatings for exteriors
  • Waterborne coatings for interiors
  • Polyurethane and acrylic coatings
  • Stains, colorants and pigments
  • Nitrocellulose coatings
  • Polyester coatings
  • Alkyd-based coatings
  • Other products
Field of Use
  • Wooden structures for indoor use
  • Wooden structures for outdoor use
  • Wooden flooring
  • Indoor furnishing
  • Flat Paneling
  • Chairs
  • Large scale bespoke furniture and for institutional buildings
  • Kitchen and bathroom furniture
Other Fields of use
  • Boats and aircrafts interiors
  • Steering wheel for cars and accessories
  • Garden furnishing
  • Children's furniture and toys
  • Coffins
  • Clocks and handicraft items
  • Picture frames
  • Musical instruments
  • Coverings and furniture of the rooms subject to fire-prevention regulationsother substrates
Founded in 1992, Inchem has more than 400 employees across its four manufacturing plants, a reputation for innovative technology and quality products. In July 2008, The Sherwin-Williams Company acquired the Liquid Coatings Subsidiaries of Inchem Holdings, and Inchem became a brand of Sherwin-Williams.

The Inchem product line includes coatings applied to wood and plastic substrates. These waterborne, solvent-based, and ultraviolet (UV) curable coatings are applied to furniture, cabinets, flooring, and electronic products that are manufactured both for export and domestic sale. The coatings are made and sold in China, Vietnam and Malaysia, and distributed to 15 other Asian countries.


  • Drying is activated by a hardener (isocyanate)         
  • Medium-high solid content (around 45%)
  • Good/excellent chemical & physical resistance
  • Non-Yellowing products
  • Interior grade         

  • Drying is activated by the hardener
  • Low/medium solid content
  • Good/excellent chemical resistance & superficial hardness
  • Fully non-yellowing products
  • Open pore, light color woods & chemically bleached woods.
  • Interior grade

  • Epoxy Primer White/Black/Hardener
  • Good for MDF & Metal

Nitrocellulose (NC)
  • Easy application
  • Used for general purpose, American Finish
  • Fast dry, no limitation on application time
Distributor contact
Richard Gan
Distributor Sales Director - Asia Pacific
Tel: (8621) 3323 9255
Fax: (8621) 3323 9300
Address: 6F, Building 3, No. 33 Su Hong Road,  Shanghai 201106 China

Adam Wong
Distributor Sales Manager – Nepal / Bhutan/ Phillipines / Bangaladesh / Myanmar / New Zealand / Australia / Brunei
Tel: (65) 6763 7789
Fax: (65) 6763 0252
Address: 8 Admiralty Street #07-08 Admirax Singapore 757438

Jeffery Teh
Distributor Sales Manager – Cambodia / Vietnam / Malaysia / Indonesia / Tahiland / Laos
Tel: (65) 6763 7789
Fax: (65) 6763 0252
Address: 8 Admiralty Street #07-08 Admirax Singapore 757438

Fiona Tan
Distributor Sales Manager – Singapore / Pakistan / South Korea / Japan / Tai Wan
Tel: (65) 6763 7789
Fax: (65) 6763 0252
Address: 8 Admiralty Street #07-08 Admirax Singapore 757438

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