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Technical + Design Services

Technical Services

Technical & Design Services

You know that the products coming off your finishing line are much more than just the coating that covers them. So do we. Because we view ourselves as your resource, we provide support for every step of the finishing process, whether your focus is efficiency, performance, aesthetics, value, or all of the above.
That’s why we’ve developed a powerful array of comprehensive, value-added services and programs that encompass every aspect of your finishing process — from start to a great finish. We make your job easier with the right people to support your needs, the tools you need to maximize production, the technology to satisfy your color demands, and the customer service to simplify your process.  We’re here.

On-Site Technical Representatives

Our dedicated on-site Technical Representatives will assist you in product/process transitions and troubleshooting. With extensive equipment, process, and product expertise, our Technical team has the knowledge and skills to keep your line moving smoothly. You can leverage our powerful technical resources to maximize your efficiency, minimize costs and labor, optimize your materials and energy use, and improve safety and productivity in your facilities.

Design Engineering

Let our Design Engineering Team work with you to evaluate your process, perform environmental audits, and help make the efficiency, resource, and process improvements that will achieve your sustainability goals and keep your production line running at peak performance. Whether you need to streamline, upgrade, or design a new turnkey solution, our Design Engineering Team can create a custom finishing solution that will enable you to use our innovative product technology to its fullest potential.

Federal EPA Area Source NESHAP Rule 6H

Learn more about Federal EPA Area Source NESHAP Rule 6H.

Call 866-722-9710 to reach our technical support team or fill out the form here to have a local representative contact you directly.

Equipment & Supplies for a Better Finish

Everything you need for your finishing process.

Your Local Solution

Contact us to see how we can be your complete finishing solution