Exterior Topcoats
The Sherwin-Williams family of polyurethane topcoats is the complete finishing solution for your exterior applications. Compliant with VOHAPs and VOC regulations for the range of industry needs, these exterior polyurethane topcoats deliver uncompromising performance that maintains aesthetic appeal over time. Excellent hardness, full gloss finishes, high volume solids, strong chemical resistance, and outstanding durability characteristics make these coatings ideal for the demanding conditions of your market.  
Interior Topcoats
When you need a high-performing polyurethane topcoat for your interior applications, turn to Sherwin-Williams. We’ve developed a full line of polyurethane topcoats specifically for your demanding market, offering excellent hardness and chemical resistance in a complete range of popular color choices. Our one- and two-component systems ensure maximum adhesion, durability, and long-term beauty for interior metal surfaces, and are compliant with the most stringent industry regulations. Trust our family of polyurethane interior topcoats to deliver the exceptional final finish your products need.