Powdura OneCure™ Hybrid Primer
Powdura OneCure™ Super Durable TGIC Topcoats

Powdura OneCure™ Hybrid Primers & Super Durable TGIC Topcoats are used exclusively as part of the Powdura OneCure™ Primer and Topcoat Powder System.  An advanced single-cure primer and topcoat system, Powdura OneCure™ offers enhanced edge coverage and corrosion resistance.  This patent-pending formula co-reacts and cross-links, without the need to gel or cure the primer, saving you time and money.  
  • Corrosion Resistance
    • Cyclic Corrosion Test 40 Cycles with <4.85 reading: Pass/1.6
    • Salt Spray/Scribe Creep 2000 hrs: Pass/0.1mm scribe creep
  • Chemical Resistance
    • ​​Oil Immersion 500 hours: No blistering 4H Pencil Hardness ΔE=0.27 89% Gloss Retention
    • Diesel Immersion 500 hours: No blistering 4H Pencil Hardness ΔE=0.29 100% Gloss Retention
    • Gasoline Immersion 500 hours: No blistering HB Pencil Hardness ΔE=0.43 40% Gloss Retention
For a full list of properties for Powdura OneCure™ Single Cure Primer and Topcoat Powder System - Click here to download the Product Selector Guide.