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Metal Building Products

Metal Building Products: From the lobby to the penthouse.

Some buildings are measured in stories. Others in square feet. All require the ample peace of mind that comes  from working with the right supplier.
Sherwin-Williams is 100% committed to the needs of metal building product OEMs. Our unmatched partnership with Arkema Inc. provide SHER-NAR® solutions, guaranteed to include nothing but Kynar 500® FSF® PVDF resin.  And our collaboration with companies like Microban Products Company,offering MICROBAN® antimicrobial product protection,  solutions that help prevent the spread of disease-causing microbes in hospitals. Download this whitepaper about the benefits of antimicorbial coatings.
We don't compromise, so you don't have to. 
Featured Products for Metal Building Products
Kynar 500® and FSF® are registered trademarks of Arkema Inc.  |  MICROBAN is a registered trademark of Microban Products Company. 
Review descriptions and possible causes of a coating that has failed to properly adhere to a surface
  • Chip: 
  • Crack: The splitting of a dry paint film through at least one coat. In its early stages, the problem appears as hairline cracks; in its later stages, flaking occurs.
  • Peel: Loss of adhesion of exterior paint, usually exposing the bare surface.

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