AQUA-FILL® 1K Primer Surfacer Waterborne 1.1 VOC

AQUA-FILL® 1K Waterborne Primer Surfacer is a high performance primer-surfacer that offers 2K performance from a 1K product. These 2K properties include excellent texture, leveling, appearance, topcoat holdout and sandability. This undercoat system is extremely versatile as it can convert to a primer sealer when used in conjunction with W7A2261 AQUA-FILL® 1K Waterborne Primer Sealer Converter. This highly productive waterborne undercoat can be sanded in as little as 15 minutes and is an excellent fit in crucial repair scenarios where lifting, edge mapping, and other similar defects may be a concern. To use AQUA-FILL® 1K Waterborne Primer Surfacer as a sealer, please refer to the W7A2260/W7B2265/W7A2266 Primer Sealer Product Data Sheet (AS2644) for proper mixing and usage instructions.