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Heavy Truck & Bus

Heavy Truck & Bus

Durability & Color

In 1939, a national conference convened to draw up a long list of standards for school bus construction. Sherwin-Williams color consultant Harry H. Scheid attended the conference and played a key role in the selection of the color yellow for the buses. The color that was chosen, named National School Bus Chrome, was deemed the color that is easiest to see in the limited light of early morning and late afternoon.
Today, whether it’s yellow, brown, orange, blue, or any  color inbetween, Sherwin-Williams is the professional brand for transportation related manufacturing customers. This includes manufacturers of truck chassis, truck body, bus and RV manufacturers. We deliver expertise in increasing productivity, profitability and sustainability through products, processes and services delivered directly to OEM customers or via North America's largest company-owned facilities.
We provide manufacturers and tier suppliers in the automotive and recreational transportation industry with quality finishes that deliver durability and consistency across components such as drive trains, engines, suspensions, braking components, and heating and cooling systems.
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