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General Finishing

General Finishing

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Metal and plastic product finishes from Sherwin-Williams® meet the wide range of product and market dependent variables such as finish durability standards, appearance specifications, cure restrictions, environmental requirements, "green" and sustainability initiatives, and cost. Across markets and segments as diverse as lighting, garden implements, metal racking, exercise equipment, and others, our products for metal and plastic cover the range of performance and aesthetic needs.
With a range of product end uses and performance requirements, manufacturers and shops involved in the general finishing of metal and plastic face a wide range expectations. Our offering of liquid and powder coatings meet the varied needs of finishers, regardless of substrate, end-use, colour, environmental preferences, or performance specifications. With a range of powder and liquid coatings available to enhance and protect your end product, Sherwin-Williams® offers comprehensive technologies, as well as service and localized support for job shops and finishers of lighting, racking, HVAC equipment, appliances, and exercise equipment.

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