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The natural, exotic beauty sought after in wood flooring is on display through our global industrial wood finishing coatings. Durable and long-lasting, our UV-curable and lacquer coating solutions protect wood flooring from scuffs, moisture and the affects of exposure to sunlight.
When creating an exceptional, lasting look is imperative, rely on coatings from Sherwin-Williams for finishing technologies that protect and enhance the natural beauty of wood flooring. Designed for production efficiency and environmental compliance, our flooring products are available in a range of technologies for optimal production flexibility. Specialty products are available that provide additional performance qualities, including:
  • Additional protection from microbial growth
  • Prevention of static build-up
  • Flame retardant properties
  • Resistance to UV yellowing
  • Resistance to moisture
  • Combining product breadth with unique, dedicated service capabilities, Sherwin-Williams offers finishing solutions for flooring manufacturers.

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