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Sherwin-Williams provides a comprehensive portfolio of industrial coatings. Whether you are creating a deep, luxurious finish for kitchen cabinets, using a lustrous clear finish on residential furniture, a robust coating for metal parts, or finishing composites materials, Sherwin-Williams has the product knowledge and expertise to help you create a better finish.
Environmentally Preferable Coatings
Long focused on leading the development of new technologies, we continue to challenge ourselves to offer one of the most comprehensive range of environmentally responsible coatings in the world. While definitions and requirements will vary from country to country, the Sherwin-Williams commitment to providing environmentally responsible products is unwavering throughout the world. Milestones of our global brands include:
1940s: Development of the first commercially available water-based paint, Kem-Tone®
1970s: Lacroma™, the first industrial water borne lacquer
1990s: Commercial launch of the first zero-VOC architectural paint: HealthSpec™
2000s: Development of Hydro Gold®, a line of waterborne exterior coatings for wood
2000s: The commercial launch of the first paint can made of 100% post consumer recycled material
2000s: Sayerlack®: Hydro Gold: a line of waterborne exterior coatings for wood guaranteed to last 18 years. 
2006: Sayerlack® : New wood Colour Plus and Wood Stain Plus tintometric systems.
2012: Sayerlack®: CoffeeProof, white waterborne coating which resists coffee stains.
2014: Sayerlack®: launch of H2NO: new super-water repellent coating.
Sustainable Growth "To grow in knowledge and character as well as in size," is a guiding principle of Sherwin-Williams. We continue to respond to customer needs and industry trends by investing in facilities and other assets to ensure optimal customer service. Our manufacturing plants, warehouses, facilities and distribution centres are strategically located throughout the world to provide localized sales support, technical expertise and efficient product delivery to our customers. As Sherwin-Williams continues to expand, we remain committed to sustainable growth while protecting the natural resources of our planet.

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