The Sherwin-Williams UV-curing range comprises both paints and lacquers. Most of today’s modern industrial finishing processes for furniture and joinery involve the use of UV products. Speed, the limited space requirement for equipment, low running costs, radically reduced solvent emissions and high quality finishes are just some of the reasons.
Application methods:  
LPS-Low pressure spraying;  HPS-High pressure spraying; CC-Curtain coater; ES-Electrostatic application; RC-Roller coater; VC-Vacuum coater; FC-Flow coater; DI-Dipping; BM-Brush machine; RO-Roller; MA-Manual
1-MDF HDF; 2-Chipboard; 3-Melamine covered chipboard; 4-Hard wood; 5-Soft wood; 6-UV-primer or sealer; 7-AC-primer